10 best fantastic shows to watch as the wheel of time


There is no doubt that fantasy series are enjoying a golden age, with almost every streaming service now offering a big budget show. Notably, Amazon has invested a significant amount of money and resources in The wheel of time, which in many ways is the paradigmatic epic fantasy adventure.

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For those who find themselves drawn into this dangerous yet beautiful world of chosen ones, mighty witches and epic quests to save the world, there are plenty of other fantastic shows that cover part of the same thematic territory.


Sweet tooth

Christian Convery as Gus in Sweet Tooth

One of the most exciting aspects of The wheel of time is that it takes place in a world that has struggled to rebuild itself after a cataclysm known as Breaking. As a result, many people view the witches known as Aes Sedai as dangerous and potentially threatening.

Although Sweet tooth doesn’t quite have the same emphasis on magic, it’s still a world that has been ravaged by an apocalypse, in which special creatures, including the main character Gus, are treated with skepticism and sometimes with sheer hostility and simple by those who meet them. With its unique blend of magic and character depth, this is one of the best fantasy series on Netflix.

Legend of the researcher

Seeker's Legend TV Show

The 1990s were a fertile period for the epic fantasy, and The sword of truth Terry Goodkind’s series was one of the most popular and enduring. It has also been adapted as a series, this time titled Legend of the researcher.

While the adaptation hasn’t been as bloody or as cynical as the books, it does have a lot in common with The wheel of time, including a chosen one whose fate is to save the world from a cruel despot, a group of witches and prophecies that must be fulfilled.

Once upon a time

Emma smiles fondly at the camera in Once Upon A Time

One of the philosophical questions raised by The wheel of time concerns the nature of fate and the degree of agency an individual has in the face of the relentless cyclical nature of time.

Some of these issues were also raised by the popular and long-running ABC series Once upon a time, especially in the later seasons, as the various characters had to deal with the many iterations of the curse that was the centerpiece of the first season. And, just like Wheel of time is a tribute to fantasy, so Once upon a time is a tribute to classic Disney stories.

Game of thrones

Kit Harington Jon Snow

There are few fantastic series that have quite reached the level of critical success and review. Game of thrones, which remains the gold standard of the genre.

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Although his tone and philosophy is darker than The wheel of time, the two share some similarities, including an epic tale that centers on a group of young people trying to survive in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to them, as a grave existential threat could destroy everything and everyone they see. they like.

The right place

Kristen Bell as Eleanor and Ted Danson as Michael in The Good Place

Michael Schur is known for creating popular sitcoms, many of which are exemplary of his feel-good aesthetic.

One of its most notable is The right place, which used the form of the sitcom to question the core questions that humans have always struggled with, many of which centered around philosophy. Like The wheel of time, which also deals with the great questions of human existence, The right place uses a good story to force the viewer to question their own assumptions about how the world works.


Bean and Luci hugging in Disenchantment

One of the things that does The wheel of time such an exciting fantasy series is that it plays with some of the conventions of epic fantasy even using them.

A similar dynamic is at work with the series Disenchantment, one of the best adult animated series on Netflix. It focuses primarily on the character of Princess Bean who, while she may seem straight out of an epic fantasy series, consistently shows that she doesn’t always (or never) want to follow the rules.

American gods

Shadow preparing for sacrifice on the World Tree with Cordelia in SAmerican Gods Season 3

Neil Gaiman is widely regarded as one of the most talented writers working in the fantasy genre with a genius of his own, so it’s no wonder his series American gods was adapted for a television series.

As The wheel of time explores the end of one age and the potential start of another, American gods explores an emerging conflict between two different generations of gods. It is also very much the larger question of an individual’s capacity for action in the face of the change of epoch.

Good omens

Aziraphale and Crowley in Good Omens sitting on a bench together

American gods is not the only work by Neil Gaiman to have received the treatment on the small screen, because Good omens, the novel he wrote with famous fantasy author Terry Pratchett, has also been adapted for television. In the series, an angel and a demon must work together to prevent the apocalypse itself, which will rob them of the life they came to enjoy on Earth.

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It is above all a learned reversal of the traditional formula concerning the apocalypse and the birth of a new era.


Katherine Langford as Nimue, the Cursed Hidden Netflix

The wheel of time, both books and TV series, take many tropes and characters from fantasy and find new ways to express and transform them for new audiences.

A similar dynamic is at work in the Netflix series Damn, which follows Nimue’s character from the Tale of King Arthur as she tries to save her people from the ruthless predations of the New Christian Faith. Although he takes notable liberties with the myth, he still manages to hold onto the core of what makes King Arthur’s story so popular.

Carnival Row

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delvingne holding hands in Carnival Row.

Amazon has become a powerhouse when it comes to fantasy series, and one of their lesser-loved gems is Carnival Row. Set in a world where fairy creatures are treated like second-class citizens, it primarily follows the character of Rycroft as he investigates a series of murders while also confronting the mysteries involved in his own personal past.

In that sense, it’s a good choice for those who enjoy the Hero’s Travel Arc which is such an important part of The wheel of time.

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Hailee Steinfeld and Vincent D'Onofrio in Hawkeye Mashup

Hawkeye’s Hailee Steinfeld was very excited to work with actor Kingpin

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