Adventure Movies To Watch Next If You Liked Marvel’s Moon Knight

moon knight is the latest Marvel show that hit Disney+ earlier this year and took the fandom by storm. It revolves around Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a museum shop worker with multiple personalities. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s an avatar of an Egyptian god, which gives him all sorts of cool abilities, as well as an awesome costume. With so many stories surrounding the culture and legends of ancient Egypt, audiences are transported to the desert dunes and mystical pyramids. Here, you’ll see Steven on a treasure-hunting adventure while simultaneously trying to save the entire world. moon knight reminds us of the magic and myth that surrounds ancient Egypt, a time and place that will remain a mystery to us all, but which will never fail to attract a wide audience. Whether in Greece, Egypt or Rome, people have always been fascinated by ancient civilizations and the stories that have been told about them. So if you’re frantically Googling “mythical and magical movies, then look no further. Here you will find a varied list that will take you in search of treasures buried under the sand.


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The Mummy is an action-adventure about a group of treasure hunters who become the hunted when they accidentally awaken an evil mummy. It has everything from car chases, camel races, spear fights, plagues, ancient ruins and even a bit of romance to sweeten the deal. It’s no different moon knight when it comes to magic and the history of Egyptian culture. Both have been well researched and you will come away having learned so many fascinating things about the period. This movie is worth watching just for the flashback scenes to 3,000 years ago when the mummy was actually a sexy priest. It’s amazing to see ancient Egypt come to life and reimagine gold and shine in all its glory, making you wish you had a time machine.

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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)

This movie first came out on TV in 2004, an epic adventure story about an Einstein-level genius called Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle). After being recruited to the Metropolitan Library, he realizes that it does not keep books but magical artifacts spanning thousands of years. As a librarian, it’s his job to protect and keep the secrets of the library, but he fails when an object is stolen: the Spear of Destiny. The best part about this movie is trying to spot as many relics as you know (the collection is quite impressive), it wouldn’t be surprising if moon knightthe crescent-shaped darts or his suit, had been features of the museum at one time. The whole concept of this film is amazing, and it’s extremely satisfying to be able to see various magical items that we know from legends and history. This movie was so good that they made two more and a spin-off TV series.

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This is a story loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus. Here, you’ll see the famous demigod decapitating Medusa and defeating the minions of the Underworld, as he attempts to stop Hades from destroying Earth. Half-mortal, Perseus struggles to stay alive and complete his task, but it’s his courage and skill that make him a hero. It’s also his rebellious nature and resentment towards his father, and the rest of the gods in general, that makes you root for him. The finale is certainly worth the wait, as Perseus must face off against the terrifying Kraken, a far scarier beast than the version we see in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. It’s packed with gargantuan battles of Greek gods and clashes with monsters of epic proportions, resembling the ultimate showdown we see in moon knight between the two Egyptian deities, Khonshu and Amit.

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After a brief appearance in The return of the mummythis spin-off movie was by Dwayne Johnson first leading role. It depicts a fierce nomadic warrior who faces an evil army, hoping that he can stop them from destroying his homeland. His combat abilities and exceptional bravery are legendary, even in his sandals, and they are said to be the best in the ancient world. Perhaps, like Steven, he had once been an avatar of an Egyptian god, which would explain his impressive skills. But like Steven, it’s not his power that makes him an excellent warrior, but his immense heart. It might be a cheesy action movie, but it doesn’t get any better than The Scorpion Kingespecially when it comes to Egyptian sorcery and desert kicking.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was adapted from a video game series of the same name, which centers on a British archaeologist as she travels the world in search of priceless treasures. In the film adaptation, Lara Croft (Angeline Jolie) embarks on a quest to hunt down and find a mysterious artifact capable of manipulating time. She must race against the clock and a powerful enemy, to keep her from falling into the wrong hands. Croft is a tough but stubborn character, whose ethics at first seem morally gray when forced to make tough decisions. She could almost be Steven’s parallel, as he too is faced with many difficult choices that make him question everything about himself. They both seem to have the qualities of an underdog, and there’s nothing an audience loves more. Lara Croft isn’t your standard adventurer, but that’s probably why she’s so adored and why the franchise is as successful as it has been.

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Long before he became Geralt of Riv or even Superman, Henry Cavill stars as Theseus of ancient Greece, a mortal man who is chosen by Zeus to defeat an evil king. To do this, he must fight armies and find a mystical weapon, which will prevent the king from unleashing the titans on the world. If he wanted to, Zeus could probably kill this king with the snap of his finger, but as a handy rule the gods have, they must not interfere with mortal affairs. The stunning visuals and jaw-dropping special effects leave little to be imagined, making this film a real sight to behold. If ancient Greece had been as alive and beautiful as the one depicted here, who wouldn’t have fought to the death to save it?

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The Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first film in an incredible franchise that centers on an adventurer called Indiana Jones. A teacher by day and treasure hunter by night, Jones fights to save and preserve artifacts of profound cultural and historical significance. In this first episode, he is hired by the government to find the Ark of the Covenant, a sacred chest that contains two of the Ten Commandments and holds immense power. Jones must prevent the Nazis from obtaining this power, traveling to the borders of Cairo and Nepal. The sharp, dry humor that Harrison Ford is always so good at often seems out of place but only adds to the hilarious absurdity of his exploits. Oscar Isaac brilliantly captures the same feeling in moon knight, as his character attempts to make sense of the bizarre events surrounding him, providing audiences with hilarious one-liners. Steven Grant and Indiana Jones are both spontaneous characters who never seem to know what they’re doing, providing a fun and exciting experience for anyone lucky enough to watch them. The Raiders of the Lost Ark will forever be the perfect role model for any action-adventure movie, leaving no doubt as to why Indiana Jones is the world’s favorite teacher.

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James Spader and Kurt Russell are the dynamic but dysfunctional duo, literally saving an entire planet. The film begins with the discovery of an ancient relic at Giza, technology that opens the door to other places in the universe. Only Daniel Jackson (Spader) seems to be able to figure out how to make it work, opening the door between this world and another. Jackson and a team of special agents led by Jack O’Neil (Russell), enter the wormhole and discover an ancient civilization. The language, culture and architecture of this foreign world are reminiscent of ancient Egypt, brilliantly conveying the same mystique and opening up a world to those with a thirst for adventure.

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The Prince of Egypt is an animated retelling of a biblical tale about two brothers, Moses and Ramses. One chooses to live for the people and the other chooses to rule them, causing a rift that separates them and against each other. The story is both empowering and heartbreaking, matched only by its incredible score, composed by Hans Zimmer and Stephane Schwartz. The Prince of Egypt is also a musical drama, with moving renditions of songs like “Deliver Us” and “When You Believe.” This film is truly enchanting, giving audiences an immersive experience and concluding a hell of a movie marathon.

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