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While Netflix Castlevania is very self-contained as a property, the series draws direct inspiration from the games it is based on. The plot that kicks off the show is very similar to the third entry in the series, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (considered one of the best in the series), and many of the characters are taken straight from the games. So it may come as a shock to learn that Warren Ellis, who created and wrote the series, has never played the games. Or, basically, any video game.

In an interview with Dough in 2017, the writer explained, “Actually, I’m not a gamer! And the terrible truth is, I’ve never played or even seen the game. Terrible, isn’t it?” When The edge Followed up with him on the release of Season 3, he revealed that he still hadn’t played the games… or any video games, for that matter. Ellis said: “I have nothing to play games on! … I never had a games console outside of the Atari that my grandfather gave us for Christmas in 1982 or something like that. So I wouldn’t even want to know how. “

However, other people on the creative team have come to the series as big fans of the games before. One of the executive producers, Adi Shankar, was asked about his relationship with the series that started it all during an interview with Anime news network. He declared categorically: “[H]um yes ! I played most of the games. “


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