Best 4K Blue-ray Adventure Movies To Own

With 4K Blu-ray becoming the new standard for movie releases, here’s a look at the top five 4K adventure movies to add to your collection.

With 4K becoming more affordable, many movie classics are getting their own re-releases on 4K Blu-ray. Sometimes the movie gets a simple upgrade, and sometimes the movie goes above and beyond with better color grading, HDR, and better surround sound. So here are some of the best 4K adventure movies to test your movie setup and experience classic movies looking better than ever.

Lord of the Rings has never looked so good

Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is a prime example of the capabilities of 4K. Not only were these amazing movies transferred to 4K, but director Peter Jackson helped 4K editing with his take on color grading. The HD Blu-ray edition featured color tones, like yellows and blues, in some scenes to make them look more fantastic. However, with these 4K Blu-rays, the tint is gone and Middle-earth looks more realistic than ever.

4K Blu-ray packs still come with extended editions, which many fans say is the only way to watch the movies. Plus, it has plenty of behind-the-scenes footage that is just as entertaining as the movies themselves.

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Harry Potter looks magical in 4K

Harry Potter Ministry of Magic

Not only the Harry potter great movies to watch again, but they also feel completely fresh to watch in 4K. Since films are shot over ten years, the quality of the camera and digital effects improves over time. Still, the early films seem so detailed that it’s easy to assume they were shot today. Where 4K really shines is in the latest movies. For example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a dark movie, so HDR really has a chance to show itself by providing deep, satisfying blacks.

While the latest films are the most beautiful, the whole Harry potter The series can be purchased as a complete pack.

Indiana Jones in 4K is a treasure

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Being one of the more recent 4K versions, Indiana Jones benefits massively from the 4K upgrade. Each movie features numerous desert sands and forests, which look great with enhanced sharpness. And the biggest upgrade is for the 1981 The Raiders of the Lost Ark, which no longer looks as flexible as previous versions.

While this may not be preferable for all fans, the Indiana Jones The 4k set also comes with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Despite mixed opinions on the film, there is no denying how beautiful it is in 4K.

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Back to the future 4K modernizes movies

Doc Brown from Back to the Future hanging from the clock tower

Although it is ironic, the Back to the future 4K movies seem to have been shot these days. The incredible amount of detail put into these movies is clearer than ever before, and the removal of film grain really increases the realism. Also, the audio has a new Dolby Atmos sound mix, which means the great soundtrack sounds as good as it gets.

The Back to the future movies can only be purchased together in one pack, although this is not surprising given that each movie is a direct continuation of the last.

Spider-Man finally goes 4K


With Spider-Man: No Path Home Fast approaching, now is a good time to catch up on the classics of the early 2000s. In addition to the increased sharpness, films really shine thanks to their new color quality. Most notably, the Spider-Man costume now has a deeper, darker red and blue appearance, which is better than the previous bright red color from the Blu-ray. And overall, the new look focuses on subtle adjustments that make scenes look more realistic, rather than drastically changing colors for fun.

Despite the opinions on Spider-Man 3, every movie is worth watching in 4K. Especially since many characters are about to return in Spider-Man: No Path Home.

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