Best Amazon Prime Original TV Shows of 2021


The best Amazon prime the original 2021 TV shows were extremely diverse. Since its founding in 1994, Amazon has enjoyed incredible success, quickly becoming one of the largest and most valuable companies the world has ever seen. But while the company as a whole has consistently followed an upward trend, some facets of its business have struggled to find their place more than others. However, judging by the success of many Amazon Prime original TV shows, the streaming service is at least starting to find its feet.

Amazon Prime launched its movie streaming service in September 2006, several months before Netflix began its transition to digital content. But while Amazon may have beaten them in the streaming world, Netflix would quickly become a force to be reckoned with. In 2012, Netflix released its first original series, Lilyhammer, ahead of the premiere of Amazon’s first series, Beta, nearly 7 months old. Despite this early advantage, however, there are signs that Amazon is starting to catch up with its streaming competitor.


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Although Netflix has long been a dominant force in the industry, Amazon has slowly established itself as a competitor in recent years. Shows such as The wonderful Mrs. Maisel have been critically acclaimed, while, dark superhero parody The boys has been one of the most commercially successful series of recent years. With that in mind, here’s a look at Amazon Prime’s best and most popular projects in 2021.

10. Fairfax

The Amazon Fairfax Animated Series

Fairfax is an animated series that follows four college friends in their quest for glory. The show deals with the typical pre-teen growing pains associated with the decidedly less typical antics of Fairfax Ave., the beating heart of Los Angeles beast culture. Although Fairfax Received mixed reviews compared to most shows on this list, the characters have a certain charm that seems to resonate with many viewers. The series has been picked up for a second season, so it has visibly found its audience.

9. I know what you did last summer

Amazon's I Know What You Did last summer series

Amazon prime I know what you did last summer is a modern series loosely related to the I know what you did last summer 1997 film. A group of high school friends are involved in a fatal car crash on graduation night, forming a pact of silence after killing a stranger in a hit and run. But on the first anniversary of the murder, the group is tracked down by a mysterious killer who claims to be aware of their crime. The show modernizes the saga, focusing heavily on social media, and while it doesn’t replace the original, it is an interesting reinvention of the story.

8. Panic

Amazon Panic's Young Adult Series

Panic is a crime thriller based on the novel and written for television by Lauren Oliver. In a small town in Texas, an annual ritual is held to pit high school graduates against each other. As many believe this is their only path to success, the students face off in a series of dark and dangerous games to earn some life-changing amount of money. Although Panic Season 2 seems unlikely and the series bears similarities to several other projects from the past decade, the story remains relevant and the action is a bit darker than in many of its contemporaries.

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7. Solo

Helen Mirren in Amazon Solos

Solo is a collection of loosely related short stories set in the not too distant future. From time travel to cloning, Solo covers several classic sci-fi elements, giving each a feeling of isolation that many might identify with in the world of 2021. The show features a star cast, including Morgan Freeman, Hellen Mirren, and Anne Hathaway. The stories themselves aren’t overwhelmingly original, but SoloIts unique characters and relevant tone make it a worthy watch.

6. Harlem

The Amazon Harlem Comedy Series

Harlem is a comedy series that follows a group of women living in the infamous New York City. After meeting while at New York University, four women now in their 30s attempt to navigate life, life and their respective careers. The show stars Meagan Good and Whoopi Goldberg and was written by First Wives Club designer Tracy Oliver. The characters and stories are relevant and relatable, and its unique perspective and brand of humor make it one of Amazon’s most notable comedy series.

5. The Underground Railroad

Amazon's historic series The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is a fantasy historical drama based on the Colson Whitehead novel of the same name. In fact, the Underground Railroad was a nickname given to the series of secret tunnels used to transport slaves to freedom in the mid-1800s. But in the series, it is a literal railroad complete with of tracks, conductors and engineers. The Underground RailroadDeveloped characters and fantastical elements breathe new life into an important part of American history in this fascinating blend of fact and fiction.

4. The wheel of time

wheel of the first amazon

The wheel of time is a high fantasy series based on the 14-novel saga written by the late Robert Johnson and subsequently co-written by Brandon Sanderson. The series constructs a complex world of myths and magic, detailing the beginning of time and the inner workings of the universe. The wheel spins the pattern of ages using unique power, a magical source that can be harnessed by a select group of humans known as channelers. The detailed world-building and intricate characters of Wheel of time make it an engaging series, and there are certainly enough sources to fuel many more seasons.

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3. Them

Amazon Prime Them Horror Drama

Them is a horror-drama series depicting suburban racism in 1950s America. A black family leaves North Carolina to settle in an all-white neighborhood of Los Angeles where they become the target of malicious forces from North Carolina. both earthly and supernatural origin. In addition to its depiction of racism, the series also touches on important topics such as PTSD and mental health. The horror elements of the series are executed well, elevating the series’ already compelling storyline with a sense of urgency and creating an even more terrifying storyline. Them season 2.

2. With love

The Diaz family celebrates in With Love.

With love is a collection of five interrelated stories written by One day at a time designer Gloria Calderón Kellet. Each episode follows a different couple over various vacations, with each story connecting through a member of the Diaz family. The show treats same-sex and trans relationships in a considerate and compassionate manner, avoiding many of the pitfalls of some mainstream LGBT content. While the story spans almost a year of the characters’ lives, the series itself only has five episodes, which makes for a great holiday spree.

1. Invincible

Invincible flight in episode 4

Invincible is an animated superhero series based on the graphic novels of Robert Kirkman. Mark Grayson is the teenage son of the world’s strongest hero, Omni-Man, but is only just starting to show his own powers. But as Mark learns to control his newfound abilities, he begins to unlock dark secrets about Earth’s Guardians and Omni-Man’s betrayal. Invincible was by far the most commercially successful Amazon prime original from 2021 and top the list in the history of the platform.

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