Digimon Adventure anime returns next spring in high school sequel – news



The Digimon Adventure The 15th anniversary event announced on Friday that characters from the first Digimon Adventure the anime returns next spring. Video released at the end of the event depicted main character Taichi as being 17 in high school with his Digi.my partner Agumon. The sequel to the animated series will tell a “new story” “for all ‘DigiDestined’ in the world”. “Now, [once] once again, the adventure evolves. A brochure at the event confirmed that the project is a new animated series in production.

The first one Digimon Adventure Animated television series premiered in 1999 and followed the adventures of several children in the digital world.

The event also announced a 15th anniversary Blu-ray box for the first 54 episodes. Digimon Adventure animated television series. The first copies of the set will include a new special drama CD on March 3, 2015. The Digimon the Movies Blu-ray 1998-2006 box set will ship on January 9, 2015. This box set will include a bonus 3D Blu-ray disc with 3D shorts Digimon Adventure Digimon Grand Prize! through Mamoru hosoda and Digimon savings: Digital world Kiki Ippatsu! through Tetsuji Nakamura.

The casting of the first Digimon Adventure the anime appeared at the event and Koji Wada performed the opening theme song “Butter-fly” live. The image below shows (from left to right) the guests Chika sakamoto (Agoumon), Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon), Koji Wada, Ai Maeda (Mimi) and Ayumi Miyazaki.


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