Free online electronic music exhibition launched by Google

Google launched its “Music, Makers & Machines” online multimedia exhibit last week to celebrate electronic dance music.

Hosted by the Google Arts & Culture platform, the free exhibit details the history of the synthesizer, pioneering artists, legendary music studios, and the evolution of music and clubbing culture that followed later. It is accessible on the desktop, or via Android and iOS.

The interactive experience allows users to choose a bespoke “electronic music adventure” from four different modes based on user interests. They include technology, music, clubbing, and a beginner’s guide.

Creative people can try their hand at the synth of their choice from the collection of the Swiss Museum of Electronic Musical Instruments, used in 3D mode or in augmented reality, while pleasure seekers can take a virtual tour of the most famous clubs in the world of underground dance, including Berlin’s famous Berghain, “the king of clubs”.

More than 50 international organizations have collaborated on the project, from XL Recordings to the Sydney Opera House.

The exhibit celebrates the prominent music innovators who shaped the industry and a digital archive of old-fashioned flyers for a ’90s rave nostalgia hit.

The entire exhibition is free and accessible here.

Watch the teaser video of the Google exhibit below.

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