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David Bowie’s documentary Moonage Daydream has had an impact at the box office.

Directed by Brett Morgen, the film is the first to receive full approval and access from the David Bowie Estate. BMG and Live Nation co-produced the documentary, while Warner Music and Sony Music licensed the catalog.

According to UK and Irish weekend box office figures, when it opened in cinemas, Moonage Daydream grossed £375,399 and cracked the Top 5. With the previous week’s box office receipts on Imax screens, the film has now taken £676,185 in total.

This is good news for catalog label Rhino, which has already established David Bowie as a streaming star (16.2 million monthly Spotify listeners) and made him the number one artist in vinyl sales.

Bowie’s latest partnership is a campaign with YouTube Shorts featuring classic footage to mark the release of the documentary. This is the first time Bowie’s catalog has been available on YouTube Shorts.

The Rhino team is also preparing a campaign for a Moonage Daydream companion album. The release features songs spanning Bowie’s career and includes previously unreleased material, unique mixes created for the film and this release, and dialogue by David Bowie himself. It’s available digitally and a CD will be available November 18, followed by a vinyl edition in 2023.

It follows landmark releases from the past year, including the Brilliant Adventure box set, the lost album Toy, and 50th anniversary editions of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders Of Mars.

music weekThe Moonage Daydream report made headlines with major news outlets picking up our interview with Warner Chappell CEO and Co-Chairman Guy Moot about David Bowie’s composition catalog projects. We’ve also released a rare interview with the music icon’s longtime publicist, Alan Edwards.

The next big step will be the recorded music catalog united under Warner Music in 2023. Here, Tom Gallacher, Senior Director, Digital and Marketing at Rhino UK, reveals the scale of their catalog ambitions…

How will Rhino work on Bowie’s catalog around this cinema release?

“We have seen significant increases in other artists’ catalog around the release of new documentaries, such as the doc Biggie on Netflix and Tina on Sky/HBO, and we expect this trend to continue with Moonage Daydream. , especially given the quality of the film, the subject matter and the scale of the release. The digital opportunities are obvious and immediate as fans who watch the film then seek out the tracks on streaming platforms. But our job is to to use the buzz around the film to ensure that even people who don’t go to the movies think of Bowie and explore his catalog. This will be done through a mix of social content, joint marketing with the film company and partnerships with the DSPs.

“The Bowie catalog is one of our best physical performers – as you reported earlier this year, he’s the UK’s best-selling vinyl artist of this century. So we’ll be working with our sales team and our retail partners on ways to drive sales around this event.”

Are there opportunities to reach new Bowie fans around the documentary – how can you direct moviegoers to DSPs?

“We see the film as an important cultural moment, one that will have appeal beyond the existing fan base and introduce this incredible catalog to new listeners. The joy of tools like Shazam is that they make it easier to discover and going from seeing something on screen – at the cinema or at home – to looking for something on your phone is much easier than before. We spoke with DSPs about how we work together around the post to support the campaign.”

The film uses IMAX 12.0 audio and Dolby Atmos – are you planning any further Bowie releases in HD/Atmos audio formats?

“We have just released a Tony Visconti Dolby Atmos mix of Space Oddity, which was already available in Sony 360 Reality Audio, and Sony has released a number of other albums from the latter part of David’s career in Sony 360 Reality Audio In collaboration with the field, we are constantly studying possible opportunities for the catalog, including in space environments.

How is the catalog campaign progressing? How successful was Ziggy Stardust’s anniversary release?

“We were very pleased with the Ziggy campaign [UK vinyl sales of the classic LP on vinyl are 11,417 so far in 2022, according to the Official Charts Company]. Streams for the album increased by 30% globally after the anniversary due to how well we were able to engage with DSPs around the date. Together with Spotify, we delivered a new commentary from the album’s co-producer, Ken Scott, on the album via their Music & Talk feature, which resulted in a profile on the platform and a notice board outside Leicester Square. We also worked on an exciting campaign with Amazon [‘Ziggy’ became only the fifth wake word for Echo devices].”

We are very excited to unite post-2000 albums with the catalog we already control and work on career-wide campaigns.

Tom Gallacher

Will the London pop-up store continue this year?

“The pop-up was something that was organized by the Bowie Estate but that we were involved in supporting. It was always planned as a one-time event around Bowie’s 75th birthday, so I don’t think there are plans to bring it back. But they were very happy with the way it went and the buzz it generated.

What’s the next step in the reissue campaign?

“We are now obviously in the 50th anniversary cycle, so all of these key albums will be celebrated in different ways. The beauty of working on such an amazing and comprehensive catalog is that there are always key dates to mark. The Bowie team is therefore still working on the best ways to ensure that everything gets its moment but that the catalog is managed in a respectful manner.

How are you preparing for the post-2000 catalog coming to Warner in 2023?

“We’re very excited to unite post-2000 albums with the catalog we already control and work on career-spanning campaigns. There’s always a lot going on with Bowie, so I’m sure the team will work with the estate and find the right place for the right campaign at the right time.

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