Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest Online Concert Announcement

To celebrate Kirby’s 30th anniversary, a live concert is taking place in Japan and will be streamed live on YouTube for Kirby fans around the world.


the Kirby The franchise is best known for its upbeat, upbeat music that sets the mood in the colorful world of Dream Land. While the show has a certain feel it’s best known for, the show’s music has never been afraid to break new boundaries and do something different. Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards, for example, wasn’t afraid to bring in hip-hop beats and make things dark and dusty when required on certain levels. To celebrate the pink puffball and its adventures, a 30th anniversary concert will be broadcast live around the world to celebrate the music from the series.


Kirby made his Game Boy debut with Kirby’s Dreamland in 1992. The little pink ball quickly stole the hearts of fans and has been a staple on many Nintendo consoles ever since. The series is still going strong to this day with Kirby: Allies of the Stars on the switch, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land should be released at the end of March. The new title is sure to bring wonderful new music to at Kirby’s library, which can be played live at the anniversary concert.

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The “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest” was announced by the official Kirby social media channels, which will not only be a live concert held at the Tokyo Garden Theater in Japan, but will also be broadcast live on YouTube for overseas fans for free. The concert promises to deliver songs from the show performed by a 35-piece “big band-style ensemble,” with Kirby himself participating in real-time on an LED monitor, dancing as fans celebrate his birthday.

The concert is currently scheduled for August 11, with details such as where to watch and even more to be announced soon, as Marx is in a “special” section that currently says “coming soon.” Fans should, however, heed the disclaimer on the website, which lets visitors know that the event is mindful of Japan’s current COVID-19 restrictions, and any spread of the virus may result in postponement or cancellation. cancellation of the event if the situation worsens between now and August.

However, this notice is only here to let fans know what the event is doing to protect its artists, as other performances in Japan have not seen any delays lately. In general, this is a big step forward for at Kirby’s anniversary, like the previous one Kirby– related celebrations never reached foreign audiences.

However, part of the event seems to remain exclusive to Japan. The website’s switch from English to Japanese reveals that fans can not only attend in person, but will also have select windows to pre-order concert-themed merchandise, such as glow sticks and towels. Despite this, the concert promises to be a fun experience for Kirby loyalists around the world.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases March 25 on Nintendo Switch.

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