Neon’s Wolfe, Netflix’s the Silent Sea among big shows to air this week



Political ploys, personal agendas, and the myth of a murderous entity all surface in this eight-part Indian crime drama.

After a foreign tourist disappears in a foggy city, a harassed local cop must team up with another officer in the big city in a case that promises to unearth numerous skeletons.

“A well done show that marks nuanced performances and exciting moments” wrote The time of India Ronak Kotecha.


Christopher Eccleston and Connie Nielsen star in this new six-part psychological drama from Channel 4 based on Amanda Reynolds’ best-selling novel.

Nielsen’s Jo Harding is a woman who apparently has a perfect relationship with her partner, until a fall wipes an entire year from her memory. As she struggles to piece together events, Jo discovers that her life was actually far from idyllic …

“For all his adherence to the psychodrama / mystery genre, Near me is gratifying with realistic ornamental notes, ” wrote The gardians Lucy mangan. “The marital joke, so rarely believable in drama, is a treat here.”

This Way Up, Wolfe and The Silent Sea are among the new shows available to stream this week.


This Way Up, Wolfe and The Silent Sea are among the new shows available to stream this week.

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TVNZ on demand

Guilty Party is now available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand.


Kate Beckinsale (Shaking) stars in this 10-part American black comedy. She plays Beth Burgess, a journalist with a tarnished reputation, who begins to pursue the story of a woman who denies murdering her husband, despite having been sentenced to life in prison for the alleged crime.

“Fish-out-of-the-water quality alchemy with Beckinsale’s big-screen charisma in a highly watchable performance, like guilty party reveals how in a bad mood Beth is also ”, wrote Chronicles of San Francisco Carla Meyer.


The latest South Korean series destined for potential world domination is this eight-part sci-fi thriller about a soldier sent on a mission to the moon to collect a mysterious sample from a research station that may well help the planet solve the growing problems linked to desertification. This is an adaptation by Choi Hang-young of his own short film from 2014 The sea of ​​tranquility.

“It’s captivating, interesting and full of fantastic performances from its cast”, wrote Forbes Paul Tassi of the magazine. “It’s definitely one of the best Korean shows on Netflix, and the best time for a sci-fi series, I would say.”

Both seasons of This Way Up are now available to stream on Neon and SkyGo.


If you’ve never seen Aisling Bea except as a sharp observational comedian and a notable presence on shows like IQ and Tyrant, then you are going to have a shock.

However, those who have seen it more dramatic light up The fall, Harsh sun and Quiz will be delighted to see that she finally got the lead role her talents deserve.

Naturally, this is a project she designed and wrote herself, a dark comedy series (currently 16 episodes spread over two seasons) about a single young Irish woman based in London struggling to get her life back on track after a nervous breakdown.

This way up isn’t a sitcom of ready laughs and smart jokes, it’s a smart, empowering look at the complications of modern life and how to survive and thrive in it. This translates into a compelling, frenzy-worthy visualization that feels like a cross between Calm your enthusiasm and an adult version of Derry Girls.


A strange rock The duo Will Smith and Darren Aronofsky come together for this six-part series that sees the former embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to explore our planet’s greatest wonders and reveal its most hidden secrets.

Guided by elite explorers, it gets up close and personal with thrilling shows that include silently roaring volcanoes and swarms of animals that seem to have their own minds.

Welcome to earth finds one of the biggest A-list stars humbled by what he sees, hears and feels, and the fact that Will Smith indulges in those experiences is what makes the series such a fascinating watch, ” wrote Decision maker Joel keller.


Wolfe is now available to stream on Neon.


Dark and comedic six-part crime drama from Paul Abbot, the creator of Shameless and No violation. It follows the adventures of northern England crime scene investigator Professor Wolfe Kinteh (Babou Cessay), who faces the blast of vehicles, buildings, and even bodies, as they attempt to solve a series of strange and unconventional mysteries.

“Hyper-energetic Ceesay is as adorable as the script demands. ” wrote The Financial Times’ Suzi Feay, while The telegraph Ed Power believed “The series has a lot to offer – and you can only applaud a show that features a sequence in which a suspect lashes out in a tiny forklift truck.”


Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, and our very own Melanie Lynskey lead an impressive ensemble brought together for this 10-part combination of survival epic, psychological horror story, and coming-of-age drama.

It is the story of an extremely talented high school football team who must overcome many obstacles and hardships in order to survive a plane crash deep in the wilderness.

Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson’s juicy premise comes across as sort of Lost-meets-Easttown Mare, by means of Sometimes, Cruel summer and The Savages, Lord of the Flies-Esque behavior is teased throughout the opening episode (done with flair and no little boast by Destructive Karyn Kusama), as we also learn about each of the key team members, both in high school and today.

Both fast and slow, Yellow jackets boasts a smart cast between the younger and older versions of the characters. Add in an evocative soundtrack that in the first installment includes classic tracks from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Smashing Pumpkins and Inxs, and the result is an intriguing cocktail that just might become the topic of conversation at the start of this season. summer.


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