Netflix’s Choice Your Own Adventure shows will now cater to adults too – TechCrunch


Netflix has experimented with TV shows that offer an element of interactivity, allowing viewers to alter the course of the program by choosing from a number of options in the middle of the show. These were primarily aimed at children or young teens, but the company has now confirmed its intention to bring the format to adult viewers.

Netflix Content Director Ted Sarandos said Bloomberg that he is preparing an experimental show aimed at an older audience after seeing how young viewers reacted to the shows he created for children. As with youth programming, viewers will be able to choose from a few alternative script options at key junction points on the show, which will dramatically alter the plot.

Choose Your Own Adventure TV isn’t entirely new – NBC was working on one in 2008, for example, and HBO Mosaic’s Steven Soderbergh project is a much more recent example, which launched in November this year with an app. companion.

Still, it obviously hasn’t taken over from linear storytelling as a popular medium for video content.

Netflix is ​​also launching into other formats, including comics; he’s releasing his first with comic book creator Mark Millar and his publishing label Millarworld, which he acquired earlier this year. Obviously, Netflix wants to do more than just create original versions of mainstream television and movies to flesh out and differentiate its service – but this remains an adventure in which I’m not sure that a significant number of adult audiences. will want to get started.

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