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The world is a quick mess that demands your attention. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax and soak up the vibe of the surrounding world. Games are guilty of speeding up the pace, keeping adrenaline high, and demanding maximum concentration. It’s good when a developer takes a more laid back approach. Alba: a wildlife adventure does exactly that!

Developped by ustwo games and published by PID games, it’s a healthy adventure title about love and family. A colorful, slow-paced game awaits all who tackle it. The strong and sympathetic characters will warm your heart and will make you fall for the rural charms of this title. You will forget your sports games and action titles and take a moment to think about the little details in life.

Capture the beauty of nature.

Alba: a wildlife adventure will make you feel warm inside.

No matter how cold your heart is, it will instantly melt it. Alba: a wildlife adventure shakes up your stone exterior and demands that you fall in love with its beautiful story. With heartwarming characters, plenty of simple tasks to complete, and an island that needs to be saved, it’s a good job that you’re there to lend a hand.

The story revolves around a young girl named Alba. She’s been visiting her grandparents for years, and this summer is no different. They are a lovely couple who love their granddaughter. She is a loving wife who jokes about her husband’s obsessions. He is a strong man who cares about everyone and has a passion for wildlife. Alba admires her grandfather’s love for the outdoors and is a generous soul.

This summer, the island is under threat! Alba and her friend Ines join forces to form the AIWRL and together they will save the island and its way of life.

The root of the island’s problems.

An adventure like no other.

I recently played some nice similar games. Summer in Mara instantly stands out. Still, this one looks tighter and more concise. The tasks are all doable and never seem like a chore. Searching the island for injured creatures or cleaning up the mess helps people thrive. Every day you witness the positive results of your actions and it inspires you to do more.

For all of its healthy elements, the concept is simple. Take on the tasks of the locals, take pictures of the wildlife and prevent the “disaster” from happening. You may be young, but you are making a difference. The plot revolves around family and improving the island way of life. If you don’t measure up, the beautiful island will be ruined forever and the wildlife you love will be gone.

Alba: a wildlife adventure is a beautiful, bright and lively game.

Like many games in the category, the world you come across is bright and colorful. Alba: a wildlife adventure is no different. Its simple cartoon style, clean lines and vivid tones make it pleasing to the eye. The characters are cute and the animals are all detailed enough to be recognizable. Taking pictures was awesome, and I loved using the zoom and focus to make it harder. Whenever you ask Alba a question, it cuts her head off to nod or shake. It’s a simple thing, but I loved the animation and the involvement in the questioning. There have been occasional issues where the camera has gone awry, or the scenery has blocked your point of view. Most of the time, however, it was easy on the eyes and a joy to play.

I liked the graphics, but loved the audio. The realistic birdsong sings first. The developers went into great detail to capture the essence of each creature and I really enjoyed it. The music is beautifully thought out with a healthy tone that matches whatever the game is trying to deliver. There is no spoken dialogue, which was a shame, but it allowed my imagination to run wild instead.

Don’t hunt wildlife!

The simple controls allow you to concentrate on hunting down these pesky creatures.

I’m glad the controls were easy, as I desperately wanted to capture all the creatures available. I became addicted to finding the island, hunting for rare creatures. The game basically asks you to use the D-pad to select items and the analog stick to move around. It is a simple matter and easy to master. I found it a bit odd that Alba couldn’t run or jump, and while it makes sure you take your time and enjoy the scenery, it was boring when you had to come home for tea. It’s a small gripe, and I especially loved the forced slow pace.

You can only play for a limited time. You have a week to achieve your goals and save the island. If you fail, you have to start over from the beginning. This is not a problem though, as each day is relatively short. Once the game is over you are unlikely to come back as everything will have been seen and done. Fortunately, the first playthrough is so good you’ll forgive its lack of replayability.

Alba: a wildlife adventure, a slow and delicious well-being title.

When a game charms you from the start, you just go with the flow and see what happens. I got lost in his colorful and touching universe and I loved the relationships that formed around me. A slow paced game that is relaxing and healthy throughout. If you want to try something different then buy it here! Save the island and capture all the wildlife in sight.


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