Shocking video shows engine of Ryanair plane on fire after heron herd sucked up – Travel Weekly


A shocking video shows flames coming out of the engine of a Ryanair plane after it collided with a flock of herons while landing at an airport in Italy.

Flight FR1194 was arriving in Bologna, Italy around 11:30 p.m. when the birds with long legs and long necks were sucked into the plane’s engine, and others were splashed onto the cockpit windshield, according to the report. Independent.

Although the pilot’s view was obscured by the splash of debris, they managed to land the aircraft safely, without injuring crew members or passengers.

The video footage, posted by the Breaking Aviation News & Videos Twitter account, shows sparks shooting from one of the good engines as the Boeing 787-800 descended.

Horrific images of heron carcasses strewn outside the plane were also posted by the Twitter account.

Staff at Marconi Airport had the unfortunate task of cleaning the plane of dead birds after landing.

Bird strikes are a real threat to the safety and condition of an aircraft, with collisions most often occurring shortly after take-off and before landing.

They cost airlines over $ 1 billion a year in damages and delays.

In October, another Ryanair flight that took off from Manchester Airport to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands was forced to make an emergency landing in Liverpool after a bird struck the engine, making a noise that “Looked more like a motor boat or a propeller engine. », According to a passenger.

“The plane landed normally and customers were transferred to a replacement plane which took off for Lanzarote after a short delay of about an hour,” said an airline spokesperson at the time.


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