Yutong Bus shows steady growth with expected net profit of $7.87 million to $23.61 million for 2021, an increase of 10%-30% YoY

Compared to 2020, the global bus industry is experiencing a slow recovery with the overall business performance of major bus companies in China remaining tired and weak. Under these difficult circumstances, Yutong has always taken the lead in the industry, driving the market forward and pushing innovation.

In 2021, Yutong made significant breakthroughs in the fields of smart connectivity, autonomous driving, fuel cell technology, and new hardware applications. Yutong has taken several important steps in its quest to provide an improved public travel experience, including:

  • Launch A6, a small self-driving bus, with L4 self-driving capabilities, which has been tested in Qatar and Kazakhstan.
  • Winning two Red Dot Awards.
  • Mass commercial operation of its hydrogen fuel cell bus.
  • Launched Yutong’s next-generation design principle for its electric bus safety standard, “YESS”.

Yutong continues to explore overseas markets. So far, Yutong has exported more than 80,000 units and built up the global sales and service network, covering Europe, America, Asia Pacific, IEC, Middle East, and Africa. In its main target markets, Yutong has become one of the leading bus suppliers.

While paying attention to its own development, Yutong is active in its corporate social responsibility. Answering the call for green and low-carbon travel, Yutong has worked hard in the field of new energy buses, mastered the three new energy technologies of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as autonomous driving technology for commercial vehicles. Cumulative sales of more than 160,000 new energy buses have reduced fuel consumption by 2.133 billion liters each year, saved the consumption of 335 million cubic meters of natural gas and achieved a cumulative reduction in carbon emissions of approximately 23.25 million tons.

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